Our services

Every treatment aimed at success starts with a detailed analysis and consultation. Thus we determine your needs precisely so we are able to offer you a professional, wide range of services of orthopaedic footwear solutions. In that we pay as much attention to functionality as to aesthetics. After all, we want you to feel completely comfortable with the solution we worked out together.

From inserts and handmade shoes to the modification of your standard shoes we help you maintain and restore your mobility. We will also ensure a perfect fit should you opt for a pair from one of our “Comfort Shoe” or diabetic shoe ranges.

Good mobility and being free of pain in your everyday life are prerequisites to ensure your physical and emotional well-being. Poor posture or wrong loading are often the reason for pain and problems which frequently lead to serious restrictions in your daily and working life. In order to counteract this restricted mobility it is necessary to first analyse your body motion in detail. Foot pressure measurements and 3D-scans reveal possible walking disorders and malposition of the feet, knees or hips. All preventative measures are based on such an analysis.
On the basis of the results, our inserts and bespoke shoes are manufactured to the highest precision to provide an optimal fit and comfort.

We offer custom-made inserts not only for the protection of your joints in your daily life or to improve performance during training, but also for the correction of walking disorders and for diabetics.
Inserts are manufactured to each customer’s wishes from thermoplastics, cork or EVA-materials (ethylene-vinyl-acetate copolymer). EVA-inserts are produced with a CNC-milling machine.

We offer

  • corrective inserts for the restoration of your mobility
  • copy inserts for relief and evenly pressure distribution over the entire foot
  • soft bedding inserts for foot stride cushioning and the alleviation of pressure points
  • diabetic-specific insoles

Pfitsch bespoke orthopaedic shoes are produced individually and specifically for you so they are optimally comfortable. In order to accurately analyse the shape of the foot, exact width, length, height and circumference measurements of the feet are required.
We then create a precise plaster cast model of your foot, which serves as the basis to produce your custom shoes. At a first fitting we analyse how well you stand and walk in your new shoes to ensure a perfect fit. The shoes are still completely alterable at this stage. Therefore, it is important for you to let us know whether it still needs adjusting to your feet.
Our highest priority is to enable painless walking in shoes which are comfortable and suited to you and your individual taste.

In order to improve your walking you need not dispose of your favourite shoes. We are happy to modify your standard footwear to improve its biomechanical properties so your walking behaviour becomes more harmonic and painless. With the help of cushioning heels joints are protected, and pain is alleviated or even eliminated applying pressure distributing modifications. Our possibilities – your chances:

  • ball-of-foot rolls
  • mid-foot rolls
  • inner and outer edge elevation
  • heel bedding
  • Fersenbettung
  • sole and heel elevation
  • pads