Here are you in focus: the employee of Pfitsch- Orthopaedic Footwear Solutions in Heidelberg, takes time for you and your needs. With our many years of experience we develop comfortable and also Appealing orthopaedic Footwear Solutions for your everyday life.

We determine exactly where "the shoe pinches" and make sure that you can feel comfortable in your shoes again. The individual and comprehensive consultation is followed by a precise gait analysis. The modern technology which we use for this is only for us means for the purpose – first of all the personal care of our customers counts. We have an open ear for your wishes and of course like to respond to your ideas.


Wolfram Pfitsch

Gabriele Pfitsch

Susanne Herchel

Jürgen Maldet

Richard Friedler

Hussein Shikh Mossa

Constantin Cinci